Monday, October 26, 2015

The BIG List – Types of Content Every Writer Needs

As a follow up to my post, 31 Types of Blog Posts, here's another list that will give you more ideas about writing. Consider going to three or four websites/blogs and researching how they use some of these types of content. Write down those ideas on your editorial calendar now, instead of when you’re ready to write the post. Let me know how it goes!

1.  Animated gif
2.  Article
3.  Ask fans a question
4.  Behind-the-scenes
5.  Blog post
6.  Book review
7.  Case study
8.  Cheat sheet
9.  Checklist
10.  Client story or testimonial
11.  Comic or cartoon
12.  Company news
13.  Customer service questions
14.  eBook
15.  Exclusive content
16.  FAQs
17.  Guest post
18.  Guide
19.  History of company or industry
20.  How-to article
21.  Image
22.  Industry news update
23.  Infographic
24.  Interview
25.  Link or resource page
26.  List
27.  Movie review
28.  National holiday
29.  Opinion post
30.  Photo
31.  Podcast
32.  Podcast summary
33.  Presentation summary
34.  Press release
35.  Product review
36.  Reply to comments
37.  Research
38.  Research report
39.  Resources or link list
40.  Review of survey
41.  Review
42.  Share a blog post
43.  Share a fan’s photo
44.  Survey (ask)
45.  Survey (responses)
46.  To-Dos
47.  Tutorial
48.  Twitter chat summary
49.  Upcoming events (Pre- and Post- also)
50.  Vendor story or testimonial
51.  Video
52.  Video review

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  1. Excellent! I love the alphabetical list. Way to go. Very helpful and insightful. Thanks so much and sorry if this sounds like spam. Oh wait, that sounded like spam. It's really me - MizMeliz!! Your friend from Blab. And I love your posts! Keep them coming. Maybe you would like to know about...ha ha! JK! Love you!

    1. It doesn't sound like spam, Melissa! Thank you for your comments. I'm glad you found it helpful and insightful. :-)